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Dark Crawler

Dark Crawler is a simple turn-based dungeon game, where you have to collect enough stars to proceed to the next level, while avoiding enemies, trying to kill you. Beware! It's made in ASCII "graphics" with Q(uick)BASIC.

Release 1.1 features: LastofAvari LoA logo is shown at launch, commandline parameters to skip logo and disable sound, 2 new levels, level reset.

Requirements: DOSBOX or IBM PC/AT compatible computer @ 12 MHz with 640 kB RAM installed, VGA graphics adapter, PC speaker.

© 2017, 2018 Eugene LastofAvari. Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 License for the source code. Read "README.TXT" for detailed information.


release 1.1 / Latest - ZIP, 65.8 KB | [Changelog]

release 1.0 - ZIP, 59.9 KB

public beta 1 - ZIP, 61.1 KB

public alpha 4 - ZIP, 56.9 KB

public alpha 3 - ZIP, 49.4 KB

public alpha 2 - ZIP, 47.5 KB

public alpha 1 - ZIP, 45.9 KB

Extras - ZIP, 47.33 MB. The code and project files for a few things I made in the old days, that were mentioned on my dev livestreams.