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Bydlocode & Website updates

2020 AUG/02
New video release: Dark Crawler update 1.3 showcase is available on the YouTube, covering all the latest features.

2020 JUL/31
Dark Crawler 1.3 update is now live. Enjoy improved UI, expanded levels, top score table and the new menu system. Download now!

2020 JUL/08
Dark Crawler 1.3 is starting to come along. All 16 levels were slightly expanded and rewritten yesterday, and I've just finished updating the code to make the game run them. There are more changes on the way.

2020 JAN/21
Get ready for JimPlaysGames Games Marathon on Saturday, 25th of January, featuring all 4 Jim's games! Follow me on Twitch & check out some details, so you won't miss the event.

2019 SEP/30
Dark Crawler update 1.2 showcase video has been released on my YouTube channel. Check out the details about all new features in one video.