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Bydlocode & Website updates

2020 JAN/21
Get ready for JimPlaysGames Games Marathon on Saturday, 25th of January, featuring all 4 Jim's games! Follow me on Twitch & check out some details, so you won't miss the event.

2019 SEP/30
Dark Crawler update 1.2 showcase video has been released on my YouTube channel. Check out the details about all new features in one video.

2019 AUG/13
Dark Crawler release 1.2 is out with the improved AI, new block type, new and updated levels, improved effects, custom level index file support and more!

2019 AUG/03
Dark Crawler update 1.2 is definitely coming at some point this summer. 2 new levels are already done and there are a couple new features as well. A new block type is in progress.

2018 JUL/25
The official Dark Crawler update 1.1 showcase video has been released.

2018 JUL/18
Dark Crawler release 1.1 is now live. It features LastofAvarian logo, 2 new levels & a few extra options.