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Bydlocode & Website updates

2018 JUL/25
The official Dark Crawler update 1.1 showcase video has been released.

2018 JUL/18
Dark Crawler update 1.1 is now live. It features LastofAvarian logo, 2 new levels & a few extra options.

2018 JUL/06
The work on Dark Crawler update 1.1 has begun! My current plans are to include level reset, LastofAvari LoA logo display on start, no sound & no logo options. Add a couple levels, perhaps? Share your thoughts via email.

2017 DEC/31
Dark Crawler is finally 1.0! Release 1.0 features 2 new levels, new level loader and extra sound fx for ending screens.

2017 DEC/15
Dark Crawler is no longer an alpha! Public Beta 1 adds victory and failure screens, transition effects and a one more level.

2017 DEC/09
Dark Crawler is updated to Public Alpha 4. Now AI makes a bit of sense and the title screen looks better!