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Bydlocode & Website updates

2017 JUL/11
Email is now being hosted by Yandex Mail for Domain, which provides a better spam filter & more storage space for zero $.

2017 FEB/08
LastofAvari.com is updated with SSL encryption by Let's Encrypt.

2015 JUN/20
pwdGen 1.3 update is out with improved password generation algorithm.

2015 MAR/28
The front & info pages have got a design update. Improvements include less flat look as well as readjusting elements and adding new stuff!

2015 MAR/15
Final release of unRPgame 1.3.0 is now available. Curse your enemies to bring their luck down.

2015 JAN/29
Development release of unRPgame 1.3.0b51 is now available. There are now some features I wanted to have a long time ago.